Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii U will only support a Wii Pad for console.

The biggest surprise of this year's E3 was the big announcement from Nintendo: the Wii U, the successor to the Nintendo Wii. But besides being the biggest surprise was the weirdest, too.

The new controller (known as Wii Pad) will, along with a control that allows innovative augmented reality, motion sensor and an extra add-on games (and it can be used as a tablet) also lets the player continue your game even if television is already being used.

But the most recent news Nintendo fans can leave a little unsettling. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the whole idea is to use just one Wii console Wii Pad by U, which represents only one player would use all the features of the new control. In the video announcement, E3, showed that the multiplayer will be used with other Wiimotes (the Wii). But where's the fun in that?

To circumvent this problem, Shigeru commented on the possibility of the players bring their Nintendo 3DS, using a multiplayer game with add-ons through the two screens of the notebook.

On the one hand, thinking the price may be a good idea, since the speculation is that the control is somewhat expensive (one of the factors that led investors to leave Nintendo in hand, after the announcement of Wii U).

Second, those using the Nintendo 3DS play games with all the promised HD graphics (remembering that the console games shown at E3 did not use the Wii's graphics U, but the versions of Xbox 360 and PS3)? The notebook will become just one control? It's more expensive to buy the new control of the 3DS? And if a friend brings his Wii Pad from home?

Many questions for the Big N. The new console will be launched next year, without a set price.

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